our american peas

our american peas

  • support local farmers
  • provide your body with a clean & complete source of protein
  • promote sustainability - 1 bag of Heavenly Protein™ Powder (versus one with imported peas) reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to driving from L.A. to Austin (~1,200 miles)

Iowa, USA

heavenly ingredients

us vs. them


American grown.
USDA Organic.
Non-GMO Project Verified.

who knows?


light but creamy

chalky & grainy


digestive enzymes added for easy digestion



premium ingredients

long & unpronouncable ingredient list

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How do you get Heavenly Protein to be delicious yet so healthy?

We’ve spent the past year perfecting our formula to come up with a premium, ultra-healthy yet delicious formula that follows our guiding philosophy of being able to enjoy a delicious taste and still eat healthy. 

NO: fillers, no artificial ingredients, no blends

How many grams of protein are in each serving?

Typically, people choose their serving based on how much protein they want to consume.

1 scoop = 9g protein = 50 calories

2 scoops = 18g protein = 100 calories

3 scoops = 27g protein = 150 calories

Can you talk more about your American grown peas?

Our organic non-gmo peas are grown & harvested from a select number of US farms in the Midwest. Not only are we proud to support local farmers, nuFYX uses peas that are the highest quality and best tasting.

1 bag of Heavenly Protein™ Powder (versus one with imported Chinese peas) reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to driving from L.A. to Austin (~1,200 miles)

Is Heavenly Protein vegan?

Yes, Heavenly Protein is 100% vegan / plant based.

is it Keto & Paleo Friendly

Yes, Heavenly Protein is both keto & paleo friendly.

Why don’t you use gums in Heavenly Protein?

Xanthan, Guar & other gums are produced through an unnatural bacterial fermentation process to give protein powders a thick consistency. At nuFYX, we use Lucuma Fruit (native to Peru) to give our powder that same creamy consistency, but naturally.