Nufyx® Shaker Bottle

  • Reusable 18oz / 500ml shaker bottle with Mixing Ball
  • Capacity marks printed on the side of the bottle
  • NUFYX® printed logo


No unnecessary gums, fillers or garbage.


Vegan enzyme blend to avoid bloating.


Clean & Non-toxic sustainably sourced protein.


No chalky or artificial taste.


*No sugar formula, no sugar added.

50 CAL

Ultra-low calorie & carb. *Per scoop


  • Organic American Peas
    Organic American Peas
    Organic American Peas

    We source ORGANIC PEAS 100% GROWN ON AMERICAN FARMS. We were shocked with how the protein industry sources peas overseas with a gross chalky texture, heavy metals & toxic pesticides.

  • Organic Natural Vanilla Flavor
    Organic Natural Vanilla Flavor
    Organic Natural Vanilla Flavor

    Certified Organic, vegan. we DON'T use any artificial flavouring, additives or colours in our products.

  • Organic Lucuma Fruit
    Organic Lucuma Fruit
    Organic Lucuma Fruit

    From Peru, Lucuma Fruit is a superfood known for its natural
    sweetness and creamy texture. It’s referred to as “Gold of the Incas” and has been widely used in South
    America because of its antioxidant properties & high levels of Vitamin C.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt
    Himalayan Pink Salt
    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Our unprocessed Himalayan Pink Salt has been forming deep within natural deposits in the Himalayan foothills for millions of years. It's pink colour originates from the naturally occurring minerals and trace elements found within.

  • Organic Stevia Leaf
    Organic Stevia Leaf
    Organic Stevia Leaf

    Our 0 calorie / 0 sugar sweetener comes from the stevia plant with leaves as much as 150x sweeter than sugar. NO weird after-taste.

  • Aminogen®

    Our magical ingredient Aminogen® is a clinically tested digestive enzyme blend that helps support protein absorption & avoid bloating. Aminogen® is 100% vegan.


Nutrition Facts

Calories 50

Protein 9g

Net carbs 0g

Sugar <1g

Fat 1g

BCAA’s 2g

Nutrition Facts

Calories 100

Protein 18g

Net carbs 1g

Sugar <1g

Fat 2g

BCAA’s 4g

Nutrition Facts

Calories 150

Protein 27g

Net carbs 1.5g

Sugar <1g

Fat 3g

BCAA’s 6g


What the FYX fam thinks

Kayla V.

Heavenly Protein Powder - Creamy Vanilla

Fanny R.

Heavenly Protein Powder - Creamy Vanilla

Dasha B.

Heavenly Protein Powder - Dreamy Chocolate

Brandy A.

Heavenly Protein Powder - Dreamy Chocolate

Raquel G

Heavenly Protein Powder - Creamy Vanilla

Customer Reviews


How do you get Heavenly Protein to be delicious yet so healthy?

We’ve spent the past year perfecting our formula to come up with a premium, ultra-healthy yet delicious formula that follows our guiding philosophy of being able to enjoy a delicious taste and still eat healthy. 

NO: fillers, no artificial ingredients, no blends

How many grams of protein are in each serving?

Typically, people choose their serving based on how much protein they want to consume.

1 scoop = 9g protein = 50 calories

2 scoops = 18g protein = 100 calories

3 scoops = 27g protein = 150 calories

Can you talk more about your American grown peas?

Our organic non-gmo peas are grown & harvested from a select number of US farms in the Midwest. Not only are we proud to support local farmers, nuFYX uses peas that are the highest quality and best tasting.

1 bag of Heavenly Protein™ Powder (versus one with imported Chinese peas) reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to driving from L.A. to Austin (~1,200 miles)

Is Heavenly Protein vegan?

Yes, Heavenly Protein is 100% vegan / plant based.

is it Keto & Paleo Friendly

Yes, Heavenly Protein is both keto & paleo friendly.

Why don’t you use gums in Heavenly Protein?

Xanthan, Guar & other gums are produced through an unnatural bacterial fermentation process to give protein powders a thick consistency. At nuFYX, we use Lucuma Fruit (native to Peru) to give our powder that same creamy consistency, but naturally.